PROP Staff

Jim Gawel

Jim Gawel head shot 2014
Dr. Jim Gawel is Associate Professor of Environmental Chemistry and Engineering at the University of Washington Tacoma. Jim got his B.S. in Civil Engineering from Brown University with an emphasis in Environmental Problems and Planning, and his Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from MIT. Jim has been teaching and doing research with undergraduates at UW Tacoma for 16 years, and headed the Environmental Science and Studies program for 6 years. He studies the fate and transport of pollutants and their biological effects anywhere that gets him outside, including fresh and marine waters and mountain forests. Jim’s other research interests include studying cellular bioindicators of metal stress in aquatic and terrestrial systems, making documentaries as public education and outreach tools to address water management issues and improving undergraduate environmental science education. In his spare time he teaches mountain climbing for the Tacoma Mountaineers.






 Tara Knutsen

Tara Bio Image
Tara Knutsen is an undergraduate student at the University of Washington Tacoma where she is double majoring in Communications and Arts, Media and Culture. Tara has been doing graphic design for 8 years and web design for 1 year. Tara also tutors with digital skills and academic software. Tara is passionate about environmental sustainability and how the environment is presented in the media. In her spare time she runs a business where she sells handmade home, bath and beauty products.