Water Undone

University of Washington, Tacoma’s documentary, Water Undone: The Efforts to Save the Puyallup River Watershed was released in 2010. It was funded by The Russell Family Foundation and UWT’s Founders Endowment. It is viewable online here. A trailer of the video is here.

The Puyallup River Watershed is a major source of freshwater into Puget Sound through Commencement Bay in Tacoma. Unfortunately, it suffers from a multitude of pollution problems, including policies on “land use favoring paving and shingles,” as detailed in this documentary from UW Tacoma. The video takes viewers through the interwoven watershed – river system that supplies water for drinking, irrigation, recreation, food, wildlife and the natural beauty of the Northwest. It explains how spreading urbanization threatens the Puget Sound area’s water supply and lays out the case for improvement: to clean up Puget Sound, start with the watersheds.