About Us

Competing priorities, tight budgets, and lack of public participation all slow progress for recovery of the Puyallup River Watershed.

Many organizations and projects address competing priorities by sharing information and bringing together experts and stakeholders. However, efforts to encourage public participation are less frequent and often focused on one aspect of restoring the watershed, such as community work parties and learning activities for kids. Progress happens in piecemeal fashion, and efforts are often understood and appreciated only by those directly involved. Public participation is also hampered by the lack of environmental education, especially place-based education using local examples.

To address the lack of public participation, this website offers a complete online community, a place where you can “see” everything that is happening in the watershed. To combat the lack of place-based environmental education, we are providing our favorite online resources for teaching students of all ages.

Finally, this website is an index for the Annual Puyallup River Film Festival videos. Videos submitted by students, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and all others will be valuable teaching tools and help bring the watershed alive online. The act of creating videos is a celebration of the watershed and the progress made to restore it.