April Sustainability Newsletter….April is Sustainability Month!



Several Pierce County projects in $50 billion Sound Transit plan

Think Seattle apartment rents are rising fast? Check out what’s going on in Tacoma

JBLM Compost Restoring South Sound Prairies and Aiding Endangered Species


What Weighs 27,000 Pounds and is Cleaner than a Prius?

Ocean salmon fishing closure mulled for this summer

Trees Deal With Climate Change Better Than Expected



Save money and cut your carbon footprint by a third or better by making your next car an electric vehicle. I have leased two electric vehicles now and will never go back to a gas car.

There are now 1,254 EV’s in Pierce County and the numbers keep growing. If you are interested in EV’s or have one send me an email and join the Pierce County EV Club for news and regular updates.   


The car century was a mistake. It’s time to move on.

There Is No Such Thing as a Green Product

The Anti-Packaging Movement


Pierce County students smoke out what’s behind indoor air pollution

What we’re doing to the Earth has no parallel in 66 million years, scientists say

Environmental Factors Like Pollution Cause a Quarter of Deaths, W.H.O. Says


April Events Rock Your Ride Challenge  Bike 253Tacoma Earth Day Events  Proctor and Puyallup Farmers Markets Opening

April 6th Walk Tacoma Kick Off

April 7th Opening Day 5K

April 16th Frontier Park Yard Sale

April 30th 8th Annual Tacoma Bike Swap

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