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Upcoming Workshops for K-12 Teachers and Informal Science Providers

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Are you a K-12 teacher or informal science provider? If yes, check out these upcoming workshop opportunities. NGSS – Using the Puyallup Watershed as a Classroom is a workshop hosted by the Pacific Education Institute, led by Kirk Robbins, and supported by the Puyallup Watershed Initiative. This workshop is designed to support K-12 teachers and informal science providers in developing an understanding of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) through the lens of outdoor learning experiences.


Workshop participants will:

  • Understand the 3 Dimensions of NGSS.
  • Connect other educational initiatives (CCSS ELA and Math; TPEP; etc.) to NGSS.
  • Engage with student work samples, classroom video cases, and authentic science case studies.
  • Collaborate with local educators on learning about and planning for NGSS.


Choose one of three workshop dates (Click the date to link to the registration pages for more information.):


Other items to note:

  • No-cost workshop for K-12 teachers and informal science providers
  • Receive 5.5 Clock Hours
  • Cost of substitutes covered by Pacific Education Institute
  • $100.00 stipend provided for K-12 teachers who attend both sessions of the April 13 and April 15 workshop
  • Coffee and snacks provided, please bring your own lunch for March 23 and April 8


Questions? Email Neesha Oliver at