2nd Puyallup River Film Festival

2nd Annual Puyallup River Film Festival – Winners Announced!!!

Congratulations to the winning filmmakers at the 2nd Annual Puyallup River Film Festival.  The Festival, held December 9th at the University of Washington Tacoma, drew a wonderful audience interested in what is going on in the Puyallup River Watershed, including film-makers, community members and representatives from the Festival’s gracious sponsors The Russell Family Foundation .

Films were submitted by a wide range of filmmakers, ranging from Jason Lee Middle School students to University of Washington Tacoma students to the Washington State University’s Puyallup Research and Extension Center.

Each audience member received a ballot and picked the best submissions in three categories: (1) middle school student, (2) college student, and (3) non-profit organization. Votes were tallied after the event and the winners are (drum roll please…):


1st Annual Puyallup River Film Festival Award created by Jesse Purdom at Pacific Metal Arts

Puyallup River Film Festival Award
created by Jesse Purdom at Pacific Metal Arts


Middle School Student Category

Reducing Plastics

Fatima Rangel and Dollar Ganu (Jason Lee Middle School)


College Student Category

The Aliens Visit the Lake

Rachel Struck (University of Washington Tacoma)


Non-Profit Organization Category

Storm Trek

Lisa Rozmyn, John Serembe and Paul Lovelady (Washington Stormwater Center – WSU Puyallup and UW Tacoma)

You can view the winning videos and select other submissions here (click on the name of the video).


Honorable Mentions:

Flood Dangers

Chaz Sipes and Griffin Soper (Jason Lee Middle School)


Four Days in the Woods

Kathy Hall and Lance Cadena (Lesley University)


What is a Watershed?

Victoria Terrill, Savannah Duke, Emma Jacobsen and Kera Dickson (Jason Lee Middle School)


Riparian Restoration – DeCoursey Park Pond

Laurie Larson and Jill Wetzel (Washington State University, Puyallup)


Commencement Bay: An End All for the Puyallup River

Alex Pellegrini and Taylor Jones (University of Washington Tacoma)


Other Entries:

What’s Running with the Runoff?

Devlin Del Giudice, Nate Sachs, Naja Whitehead, Oliver McBride-Youngers and Daelin Cavanaugh (Jason Lee Middle School)


The Electron Project

Ashley Antonich and Tatyana Rybalka (University of Washington Tacoma)


Pollution in a Watershed: What can we do?

Stella Dahms-May, Netsie Carlson, Liam Brady, Vincent DiSalvo and Farrance Harris (Jason Lee Middle School)


Microplastic Mania

Auriel Zantua, Saoirse Bogart and Izabella Gonzalez Saunders (Jason Lee Middle School)



Kristen Benson, Robert Entenman and Robert Pangaro (University of Washington Tacoma)


Human Impact on the Geography of the Puyallup River Watershed

Andrea Biddle and Sophea Phaisanti (University of Washington Tacoma)


Buckley Dam

Bryttany Hemingway, Sherri Cumbo and Russ Mulligan (University of Washington Tacoma)


Classroom in the Wild

Blake Kaveny (Jason Lee Middle School)


Breaking the Surface

Elena Seaholm, Malique Quarles and Sanne Cové (Jason Lee Middle School)

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all those who took the courage to submit their films!  The Festival’s organizers at the Puyallup River Outreach Project wish to thank The Russell Family Foundation for their support, and BrieAnna Bales and Paul Lovelady at the University of Washington Tacoma for help in hosting the event.

We look forward to seeing you all next year at the 3rd Annual Puyallup River Film Festival! For assistance in getting started making your own short film to submit next year, please email the Puyallup River Outreach Project at puyalluprop@gmail.com. We will even visit you onsite to provide technical assistance or to discuss your ideas!


Get out and film your Puyallup River Watershed!!!


See the winners from the 1st Annual Puyallup Film Festival!